Oasis Daycare & Preschool

My husband and I chose Oasis Daycare & Preschool for our children because of the welcoming staff and the Christian based learning curriculum. Oasis Daycare has a wonderful learning environment; our children bring home many things they have learned each day. Our youngest son, Jacob, has been with Oasis since he was 6 weeks old he is now almost a year old now. Jacob loves to play with all the other children at the daycare, and he is very comfortable with all the staff members who take care of him throughout the day. Jacob is well fed, given appropriate naps, he is always happy when we come in to pick him up. The daycare is clean and has various activity areas for the kids to play and learn. Our son, Braden, is in Kindergarten and attends Oasis Daycare & Preschool for the after school program in the afternoon. Braden enjoys going to the daycare every day and he gets to read to earn minutes for his school. He also loves to have snack with his friends. We recommend Oasis Daycare & Preschool to anyone looking for a great and caring place to take their children. We would definitely recommend this Daycare & Preschool to any parents who aren't sure or don't know about Oasis Daycare & Preschool. Oasis Daycare & Preschool has reasonable fees and they also accept ICCP. We are thankful for the Oasis Daycare & Preschool for taking great care of our children and we will continue to take our children every day. We are happy to have open communication with all of the staff and any concerns or questions we have at any time are always addressed quickly and appropriately. The staff is always punctual with picking up the children who attend school and they are consistent with directing the children on activities or re-directing them to another task if needed. All of the children are treated well and they all have fun every day at Oasis Daycare & Preschool. Anyone looking for a safe and welcoming environment for children should bring their kids to the Oasis Daycare & Preschool! 

​Joseph & Megan McHenry February 1, 2014


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